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Our story starts with TJ, of course. This is how it all began:

I became a plumber’s apprentice in 1997. After a disgusting incident with a septic system in Denver, I heard that the company I worked for was offering HVAC classes. I signed up the next day. After a few classes, I realized how much the sciences involved appealed to me. It’s difficult for me to remember what it felt like looking at it for the first time, but I remember thinking ‘Wow. This is the hardest trade.’

The mechanical supervisor there, Mike, was an absolute whiz when it came to boilers. He took a shine to me because of how well I was catching on in the classes. I would come in on my days off just to work with and learn from Mike. In return, Mike spent a LOT of time providing the absolute best training he could possibly give. He taught me a code of ethics that I will never forget, and his teaching style is the same one I use today. I will be forever grateful to that old dead man.

I finished my apprenticeship very quickly and was well- versed in boilers ranging from the smallest residential systems to multi- billion BTU commercial systems before I even touched forced air. Within two years I was:

  • Running calls by myself.

  • The leading technician in service before 22 years of age.

Every shop I’ve worked at since, I pride myself in being the best. My love for this work continued as time went on but I began to recognize an intrinsic population of “con men” being put in charge. In this industry, you need licensed companies to sign off on hours spent in the field before you can test for your license. As there were no licensed supervisors to sign off on hours, the technicians couldn’t get credit toward the licenses they spent so much time and energy pursuing.

I decided to go out on my own and be the change I wanted to see in the industry. I perform in this industry as a mentor and employer. These days I take pride in being the example of a legitimate mechanical firm. One that is:

  • Licensed

  • Certified

  • An ethical contributor to this great industry

The path I’ve chosen to take is the harder one and the teammates who have chosen to work here know that it is an extra burden that, elsewhere, they likely wouldn’t have to bear. This means that we’re surrounded by the ilk that wake up every morning and know, deep in the core of their sore, sore muscles, that there is a difference between the right way and the easy way. It’s probably the greatest achievement of my career to field a team of professionals that I present to this community.



 tj hvac denver


I moved from Montrose, Colorado to Denver in 1998, where I found opportunities in HVAC. I enjoy the challenge of HVAC, the unpredictability of each customer's needs means I’m always learning and growing. My propensity towards objective thought and my interpersonal skills make me a perfect fit to run a company like this. Like peas and carrots. When I’m not serving my community you can find me at home learning to play the piano or sharing with my friends and family my extensive knowledge of the Simpsons and science fiction.

 jon tj hvac denver


I’m from Littleton, Colorado. I was a combat marine from 1982-1990, after which I tried my hand at several trades before deciding to be an expert in HVAC. My father was an engineer, so the trade came naturally. I’ve worked with TJ since 2004. When I’m not in the field supervising you can find me outside with my dogs, with my family, or target shooting.

 steve tj hvac denver


I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I've found no reason to leave Colorado, especially now that I have a beautiful wife and daughter. I've worked with TJ since 2006. When I'm not busy with HVAC, you can most often find me eating, exercising, and spending time with my family.


Jason Horst -
Service Technician

I am originally from Denver Colorado and I love it here. I joined the HVAC industry about 6 years ago after spending a few years in the plumbing field and I really love what I do. I also have a degree in music and love the arts. I am a new father to a beautiful baby boy and enjoy spending my free time with my wife & son.